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Updated: August 30th, 2016

Dear Friends,
We have Allstar, Loring & Glowing star peaches for sale or u-pick.
We have a variety of vegetables, jams & jellies along with honey. We have plenty of Roma & canning Tomatoes, fresh in our garden. We have locally grown sweet corn on weekends too.
Apples are a bit behind schedule, We plan to start our Apple u-pick with free wagon rides on Sept. 10th
Below you will find an outline of when we expect each varity to ripen. Weather does change how quickly fruit ripens, so the dates can sometimes change. Please call ahead (or check facebook) to check for availability.

We look forward to seeing everyone again this year. Stop by and say Hello or message us on facebook.
See you soon!

pick your own or choose from our selection in the market! Farm fresh peaches- late July through Early September- Which is your fav? Tree ripened apples- September through November- Don't forget the cider.
Free wagon rides on weekends in September & October to the pumpkin patch!! Ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard and pick your own!We offer peaches, apples, cider, pumpkins, vegetables, and winter squash. Check out what else you will find in our farm stand
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Big Dan & Mrs. Margo stay busy all year round on the farm- See what they are up to now.Sharing our favorite events and destinations in Southwest Michigan.
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Big Dan's is a family farm located in Southwest lower Michigan. We are open late July through October. For your convenience, we offer a modern indoor restroom and plenty of free parking. In an effort to keep our prices low- we prefer cash or checks, but we also accept credit and debit cards.We check our e-mail daily. When calling, please note Mrs. Klug is hearing impaired (ask about her bionic ears).
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2016 Harvest Time
  • Summer Serenade
  • July23-Aug8      
  • Red Haven
  • July31-Aug10       
  • Belaire
  • July31-Aug23        
  • AllStar
  • Aug14-Sept2        
  • Loring
  • Aug17-Sept4       
  • Glowing Star
  • Aug31-Sept7       
  • Autumn Star
  • Sept12-Sept25       
  • Paula Red
  • Aug3-Aug28        
  • McIntosh
  • Aug26-Sept27      
  • Honeycrisp
  • Sept10-Oct5      
  • Gala
  • Sept1-Sept27       
  • Jonathon
  • Sept13-Oct17       
  • Golden Delicious
  • Sept13-Oct17       
  • Empire
  • Sept15-Oct17       
  • Northern Spy
  • Sept15-Oct17       
  • Red Delicious
  • Sept17-Oct17       
  • Mutsu
  • Sept17-Oct17       
  • Cortland
  • Sept12-Oct17       
  • JonaGold
  • Sept18-Oct17       
  • Ida Red
  • Sept18-Oct17       
  • Starking Red Delicious
  • Oct10-Oct17       
  • Red Rome
  • Sept22-Oct21      
  • Fuji
  • Oct10-Oct31       
  • Granny Smith
  • Oct10-Oct31       
  • Apple Cider
  • Sept19-Dec17     
    Pumpkins Sept1-Oct31      
    Color Legend: Estimated Picking dates Now Picking Done for the year

    Please note that in an effort to make sure everyone has a safe & healthy experience on the farm, BigDans no longer permits pets.
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